Checkered & Leather Look Dress


Jacket & Dress - V&K Boutique

Necklace - River Island

Shoes - New Look


Photos - Konrad K. / Me


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Gray Cardigan and Black Playsuit with transparent panels


Playsuit - V&K Boutique

Cardigan - Select

Cap - River Island

Shoes - New Look

Belt - e-bay


Photos : Konrad K. / Me




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Black & Blue Biker Jacket


Jacket - V&K Boutique

Shoes - New Look

Trousers - Top Shop

Top - River Island 

Cap - House


Photos : Konrad K / Me




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The Knitting and Stitching Show 2014 London

Claire Hedderly, De Montfort University

 And again I have had the pleasure to visit this incredibly inspiring place. The Knitting and Stitching Show is a collection of amazing handicrafts, art and design in any form. To experience this properly though, you need to be there in person! I am shering with you only a few photos, which I think may inspire you. Most of them came from Graduate Students section which was my favourite! That was a really long but such an inspiring day for me, which I have ended sitting on a Fashion Show of a few different designers. A little tip for thouse who want to visit this exhibition next year and you planning spend there a bit more time (like me) remeber to wear comfortable shoes!


Emmeline Kellett, Bucks New University


Emma Wright, Nottingham Trent University


Chloe Woodgate, Colchester School Art


Georgina Lindsey, Central St. Martins University


Jessica Sharpe, Kingston University


Avocado, Horst Couture 2005, hand felted Falkland wool


Maria Friese 2013, hend felted Merino wool,silk



Photos by Me


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Black circular dress


Dress - V&K Boutique

Necklace & Shoes - New Look


Photos : Konrad K / Me




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Upside down sweater

Biker sweater - Front Row Shop

Shoes - Top Shop

Cap - Adidas


Photos - Konrad K./ Me




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Hot Air Balloon

Hi guys ! Today I am taking you for a hot air balloon journey. We where flaying from Headcorn to Tenterden (UK). Exciting, very relaxing and quite long experience also I now know how to open and close balloon :P We had to help haha 

Jacket/sweater - River Island / trousers - Tezenis


Photos : Konrad K. / Me


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Black fringe dress


Dress- French Connection

Bag & Bracelet - River Island

Shoes & Necklace - Top Shop 


Photos : Konrad K. / Me




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Cream dress and black hat!


Dress - locel butique

Shoes/Hat/Backpack - Top Shop

Bracelet - Monsoon


Photos - Konrad K/ Me




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Palm printed shorts and green shirt

Hello everybody! Hope you are enjoying the mid week sun! There was a lot of black and grey in the last post so today something completly different - almost completly green outfit with gold accessories. These palm printed shorts are the most comfortable I have ever worn. Love the unusual cut on it. Shirt was bought on sale in River Island - lovely and elegant but crumples very easily :P Hope you like it ! Enjoy and have a nice evening!


Shorts - Front Row Shop

Shirt - River Island

Necklace - e-bay

glasses - River Island

Ring- New Look


Photos - Konrad K./ Me

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Grey and black


Top & Skirt & Backpack & Shoes & Necklace - Top Shop


Photo : Konrad K. /Me




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Maxi dress and black hat


Dress - TkMaxx form The Style London

Bag - Jane Shilton/Fenwick

Hat - Top Shop

Glasses - River Island


Photos : Konrad K/Me





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Palm printed dress and brown accessories


Hello Word! Today I would like to show you how to create a summer outfit with brown accesories. The Palm printed dress which is already my favourite in the wardrobe for this season. Soft polyester and elastane fabrics make the dress comfortable and perfect fit to the body. I combined it with brown shoes, belt and hat which gives really nice contrast to the palm print on the dress. I love this kind of outfits for the summer! Why? The dress is short and quite thin so your body can breatche when it's really hot! The hat and glasses protects from sun which is very important during hot summer days! Accesories complete the whole look and make it original so you can look fashionably and comfortable! 

SUMMER NOTE : Always put a hat on your head and cover your neck during hot days especially on the beach! This will protect you against san stroke! 



Dress & Hat - Warehouse

Shoes  - New Look 

Belt - H&M

Glasses - River Island


Photos : Konrad K / Me




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Summer printed maxi dress

Hello everybody! How's summer time going? I feel so relaxed on my Uni break! Today I would like to show you a comfortable summer look perfect for summer evenings / shopping etc. You can set it with heels if you want look more elegant or wear jacket on cooler summer days. I am wearing flat shoes on everyday basis though. Everyone can find their own way to ware it. This is my proposal :) Hope you like it! Take care and see you leter xx :P Stay Tuned!


Dress - Miss Selfridge

Bag - River Island

Necklace - Top Shop

Ring&Bracelet - New Look 


Photos : Moniak ┼╝urawek / Me




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Grey coat


Coat/Dress/Necklace -Top Shop

Bag - River Island

Shoes - New Look


Photos - Konrad K./Me




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Pink Pink


Top & Trousers - Warehouse

Necklace - Top Shop

Shoes - Jones BOOTMAKER


Photos : Konrad K. / Me




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